"Wise, funny and surprising - Anni is a force of nature."

 Tim Freedman. Musician.

One of the best things about this dear tender soul is she will tell you with no shame or ego at all that she needed this book as much as we needed to hear it. I found it hard to put Anni's live wire of a mind down. It electrifies all that she touches, it craves to be seen. I think it would kill anyone else that tried to inhabit it. May you dare to trust it, and may you dare to go within and stir your own “coq au vin.”

Josie Blazier. Actor.

I sat down to read my friend Annis book one morning in time of  covid 19 and literally could not stop. I know that she is amazing courageous, fun spirited and quite frankly one of the special ones but I did not know how eloquently she could translate her phenomenal creative and complex life into such a beautiful easily digestible funny and congruent piece on what it means to lean in , be truly human, your best and show up despite all the obstacles and heartaches. Read it and you will be inspired enriched. 

Kate Cordukes. Family Therapist. Bouverie Centre.

“Radical Rock and Roll Resilience” is an amazing 'can't put down' book.  If you want to be inspired, entertained, enlightened and transformed, this is the book for you.  Anni tells her compelling story with such irreverence, humour, rawness, vulnerability and inner wisdom and guides the reader to new awareness’s of themselves.  It is an eye-opening unique understanding of the way our mind works and gives us new ways we can change our old negative programming by introducing new positive thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.  As a therapist, I have read SO many self-help books, and this one is pure gold because it is written in such a genuine, authentic and humorously down to earth way.  I highly recommend you to rush out and buy 'Radical Rock and Roll Resilience' and enjoy Anni's story, valuable tips and guidance to Rise, Get Real and totally Rock your Life.”

Myia Cleggett –Rapid Transformational Therapist, Abundance Coach and author of the Gratitude & Success Journal.

Anni Finsterer grabs your attention and takes you on one hell of a ride in Radical Rock and Roll Resilience. Through her experience in overcoming what would have crushed many, we learn powerful tips to blaze through the tough times and guide us to live life to the full.

Tania Chambers. Producer. Feisty Dames Productions.

"I hope all the creative spirits currently sitting down and opening up to these pages are able soak up even a small amount of the essence and life force that is Anni - Rest assured, you are in good hands now!" 

Daniel Webber. Actor.

Want to get stronger?  What to have a strategy for coping?  Want to move forward confidently, get the most from what life has to offer?  Then read this book. Anni's been there, done that, keeps doing it.  Easy to read, a few laughs, practical.  A book you'll pass on to others, but always want to get back. 

Kerry O’Neill – Facilitator - Learning and Development

Anni’s story is a turbo charged expression of her spirit and powerful love of life and humanity. Beginning with a car crash, literally, her journey has been anything but. Rejecting the chaos that comes with tragedy, Anni’s glorious book is testament to the rewards of a life lived generously, expansively and audaciously. Her courage is contagious. This book, written with wit, heart and wisdom, is a hugely entertaining demonstration of how the process of recovery can be an adventure in itself. 

Anne Browning – Teacher. Actor.