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A book of metaphysical and practical “how-tos” to get you from totally beside yourself to totally rock and roll.

“Radical Rock and Roll Resilience” is the must-read book for those who desperately need self-help but want to keep it undercover; who might have the fuel to kickstart their life but have no idea how to build the rocket.

In a style that’s all beer no froth, we learn of the author’s own desperate need for resilience when she charted the rugged road of her own recovery, leaping considerable hurdles in a life marked by tragedy and hilarity in equal measure.

But this is no pity party. In her entertaining, shoot from the hip style, Anni serves up a no- nonsense manifesto for the hard pressed and time poor to dip in and out of.

The upshot? A powerful mindset on the inside so you can burnish bright on the out.

Radical Rock and Roll Resilience, will help you to:

  • Understand why You Roll the Way you Do to Transform Limiting Beliefs.
  • Turn Your Pain into Power& Rewrite Your Story. 
  • Direct your Emotions So They Don’t Direct You.
  • Use your Ultimate Superpowers to Crack into the Field of Limitless Possibilities.
  • Raise your Vibration& Clear Your Blocks to the Good Stuff.
  • Shoulder a Swag of Strategies to Attract Your Deepest Desires.